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Attractions in Samoa

Samoa, with its wealth of natural and cultural attractions, has earned the title ‘The Cradle of Polynesia'. Check out the ancient star mounds, take a hike in a rainforest, view pretty waterfalls, stay in a traditional village, watch a spectacular fire knife dance, and discover the world’s foremost Polynesian culture.

Savaii Natural Highlights

Alofaaga Blowholes
You’ll find the entrance to the blowholes at the village of Taga and a coastal track can be followed west for several hours to the ancient village of Fagaloa.
Ph: (685) 63 500

Auala Green Turtle Conservation
A green turtle conservation program is managed by the Auala women's committee and their guides will show you the turtles before they are released back into the wild.
Ph: (685) 63 500

Falealupo Lava Tube Trail
On the southern side off the road, just west of the Falealupo Rainforest Preserve, are lava tubes in which villagers shelter during cyclones. A village guide will take you there.
Ph: (685) 63 500

Falealupo Rainforest Preserve
The preserve contains a forest canopy walkway and there are excellent views into the rainforest and towards the summits of Savai’i.
Ph: (685) 63 500

Mu Pagoa Waterfall
Easily found between the villages of Puleia and Gautavai, the falls tumble into the sea within 100m of the bridge.
Ph: (685) 63 500

The beach has good swimming and snorkelling. Behind the village (upstairs by the church) is a viewing area where you can sometimes see flying foxes and owls.
Ph: (685) 63 500

Tafua Peninsula Rainforest Preserve
Near the coastal village of Tafua, the forest is ideal for bird watching, viewing flying foxes, and sighting the rare Samoan tooth-billed pigeon. There are several walks.
Ph: (685) 63 500

Upolu - Natural Highlights

Fuipisia Waterfall
There is a 300m walk to this spectacular 55m waterfall. An entrance fee applies.
Ph: (685) 63 500

Lake Lanotoo
The entrance to Lanotoo Road is 2.3km past the Bahai'i temple (heading South). A 4WD trail (3-5hrs return) leads to a track to Lake Lanotoo. You'll need good walking shoes.
Ph: (685) 63 500

Lalomanu Crater Walk
Behind the hospital at Lalomanu is the start of a short walk to a long-extinct volcanic crater. The crater is home to a large population of flying foxes. Ask for a guide.
Ph: (685) 63 500

Le Pupu-Pue National Park
This 29-sq km national park was created in 1978 to protect the area extending from the summits of Mount Fito (1100m) and Lepu-e(840m) to the southern coast.
Ph: (685) 63 500

Palolo Deep Marine Reserve
An excellent snorkelling, diving and swimming spot. The highlight is a sudden drop into a deep blue hole, flanked by walls of coral and populated by myriad tropical fish.
Ph: (685) 63 500

Papapapai-Uta Falls
Also known as 'Tiavi Falls' this 100-m vertical waterfall is 2.3km south of Lanotoo Road on the right. There is a viewing area, but be careful, since the cliff edge is unstable.
Ph: (685) 63 500

Saanapu and Sataoa Mangroves
These villages adjoin mangrove forest conservation areas. Both villages offer a 30-minute guided canoe tour of the local forest.
Ph: (685) 63 500

Togitogiga Falls
Here you’ll find great natural swimming areas. Be sure to check for logs and rocks before diving or jumping into the pools. Entry is free. There are toilets and changing rooms.
Ph: (685) 63 500

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